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Charlie Mac

Charlie Mac Charlie Mac
Charlie Mac @ SpringThomas.com
Hi Boys and Girls! Another fun week is in store for you here at Spring World 🙂 and what till you see the new colored boy I scored. But before we go there, how about the new hair color? Do you like it? I change hair color every so often, and since my hair is so fried, I went dark! Like my men! LOL. ANY-way…meet Charlie Mac. Throughout this scene I refer to him as "foot long", and I guess you see why. Charlie is a *true* 12 incher. That’s right…I’m not kidding. And boy does he rail me this week. Rails me GOOD. Unlike any white cock I’ve ever had! It gets really insane, and that’s what you like, right? I mean I wouldn’t want to disappoing *any* of my dear members with a boring scene! So, watch me take on 12 extra-large inches of black cock till it sprays my face with black seed! Hee hee…I’m so naughty it’s just plain silly! 😉 XOXO — Spring.
Charlie Mac Charlie Mac
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